uBlox NEO 6M GPS module for PX4

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Pixhawk 용 uBlox GPS 모듈

고감도 NEO 6M



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Ublox NEO 6M 고감도 GPS 모듈 for Pixhawk Interface

Product Details :

– Voltage: 3.3-6V
– Inner chip UBLOX NEO 6M
– With fast satellite searching speed and high precision
– Built-in compass GPS module
– With EEPROM memory funcion
– Baud rate 4800-115200
– Refresh rate 1-5Hz
– Cable length 25cm
– Support rod length: 12cm

– Red cable- VCC
– Black cable- GND
– Yellow cable- TXD
– Green cable- RXD

neo-6m-3 neo-6m-1


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