OSD Data Link for ZYX-M Flight Controller

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OSD Data Link for ZYX-M Flight Controller



Product Description:

ZYX-OSD aircraft in flight can be basic flight information such as altitude, speed, attitude angle, battery, Pressure, aircraft and return point distance control mode, runaway protection status, superimposed on the video information, make sure you enjoy the flight to bring all the fun.
ZYX-OSD also has data logging capabilities, the flight data is stored into the MINI-SD card, allowing you to perform Data analysis, black box play a role at a critical time. Please first use, to ensure that mini-sd formatted as FAT32 format.
ZYX-OSD has two-way video input, video input source can be switched by remote control, the video standard PAL And NTSC can be automatically identified.
Please note: ZYX-OSD must be used in conjunction with ZYX-M flight control system.



Input voltage and current: 12V (80mA) to power external devices is not the case under
Output voltage and current: 12V (1.5A) and 5V (2.0A)
Size: 53mm * 36 mm * 10 mm
Weight: 18g
Video format: PAL / NTSC (automatic recognition)






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