Dualsky MR시리즈 멀티콥터모터 XM5015MR-6 SS-TYPE 390KV

XM5015MR-6 390KV

Li-Po 6셀


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Dualsky MR시리즈 멀티콥터모터 XM5015MR-6 SS-Type 390KV




Product Details :

brushless motor, specially designed for high-end multi-rotor and UAV systems.
Based on the mature TE-MR technology and all parts are newly designed
2nd generation stator, using the best 0.2mm silicon material to improve motor efficiency
Lower IR winding to decrease the temperature
remarkably when long-time working
Detachable stator, easier to maintain

Imported over-sized ball bearing, lower noise
and ultra-long working life
Short shaft design

Optimized Dualsky ”Star” appearance with precise processing, both artistic and high-precision
High-precision rotor, dynamically balanced on both sides, lowest resonance in RC industry
New stator cover to protect power wires
Multiple mounting holes, compatible with DJI frames
Lengthen silicon power wire, easy to install
Laser-etching model data and factory serial number
Comes with propeller adapters, can install traditional and professional CF propellers
There are two RPM for each motor size to fit the different flight requirements: high power type and long flight time type
Recommended to work with Dualsky MRP series propellers to achieve best working efficiency
Recommended to work with Dualsky MR series ESC (up to600Hz control frequency)

100% inspection in Shanghai Dualsky factory before shipment.
Add 90mm motors to meet the need of big load market


다운로드 Datasheet





<Propeller 실제 추력 Data>

TestingTarget Test Current and MAX Thrust under different Loading
Prop Dualsky 15×5.5 MR V2 Carbon Prop
Test voltage: 22.2V (6S lithium battery nominal voltage/45C+)
5015TE-6MR Maximum current:: 29.8A Maximum tension: -2.88kg
Current:: 18.3A Tension: -2kg
Current: 14.8A Tension: -1.8kg
Current: 11.7A Tension: -1.5kg
Current: 6.6A Tension: -1.0kg
Current: 2.6A Tension: -0.5kg
5010TE-9MR Maximum current:: 26.4A Maximum tension: -2.46kg
Current: 19.4A Tension: -2kg
Current: 15.2A Tension: -1.8kg
Current: 11.8A Tension: -1.5kg
Current: 7.0A Tension: -1.0kg
Current: 2.7A Tension: -0.5kg














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