Tarot X series 멀티콥터 캐노피

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Tarot X시리즈 멀티콥터용 캐노피

X4 / X6 / X8 에 적용 가능


Tarot X series 멀티콥터 Canopy , TL8X008



Product Description:

Applies to X4 / X6 / X8 and K series multi-axis aircraft, other models on the market need to make alterations mounting holes. X system using fiberglass material multiaxial hood handmade, stylish sci-fi, water repellent, streamlined design.


Product Specifications:

X Series X1 stars multiaxial fiberglass hood 140G
Fixed hood ring X5 stars 0.2G / pcs
H5 positioning column × 3 (H5 × 39MM) 1.5G
Within M3 × 5MM Cup head Allen screws × 2 / 0.2G
M3 × 8MM head screws × 1 / 0.2G



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