1555 Carbon Propeller Set (CW,CCW)


카본 프로펠러 세트 (one CW, one CCW)
사이즈 15 * 55


15×5.5 카본 프로렐러 세트 (one CW, one CCW)



-Specially designed for large multi-rotor aircraft application.
-Light weight, 15g only for each prop.
-Unique none-adaptor mounting method, improved dynamic balance and lower noise.
Good choice for FPV/aerial photograph application.


Product Details:

-15x 5.5 Carbon Propeller Set (one CW, one CCW)
-Size: 15 x 5.5
-Weight: 15g/ 0.5oz
-Material: 3K Carbon
-Mounting method: direct mounting to motor
-Central Hole diameter: Φ4mm
-Mounting screw hold diameter: Φ3mm




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