[TR] IRON-MAN 1000S OctoCopter Frame Kit(1,250mm) – 강력추천!

Big Size Heavy Lift OCTO Machine

Frame diameter: 1250MM


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[TAROT] IRON-MAN 1000S OctoCopter Frame Kit(1,250mm)



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Big Size Heavy Lift OCTO Machine

말도 안되는 놀라운 가격!

Fixed Wing Type의 오리지널 Freefly Cinestar8을 Upgrade, 보다 손쉽게 프레임 제작이 가능하며, D.I.Y 사용자의 취향에 맞게 Base Frame을 이용해서 다양한 Application에 활용할 수 있습니다.

Motor는 5010/5015급 멀티콥터용 모터를 사용하시면 되고, 변속기는 30~40A, 그리고 Prop은 15~17in Range가 적당합니다.

Delta형 랜딩 스키드 포함.

본 제품은 순수 KIT 구성으로 조종기, 수신기, 모터, 프롭, 변속기, FC, 배터리 등이 필요합니다.


The new fixed eight-axle unmanned aerial vehicle has a new plastic motor mount and an increased tripod height. The carbon content is 100%. Toray’s 3K pure carbon fiber woven fabric is pre-prepared by high-temperature and high-pressure pre-precision CNC machining, with a thickness of 2.0 pure carbon. Matt Twill carbon fiber board quality surpasses conventional commercial products. The comprehensive performance surpasses the requirements of the national standard for the high-strength first-class performance index of carbon fiber strips. The motor base adopts imported enhanced PC high-pressure injection molding. The overall design of the lightweight two-color parts has a strong perspective impact effect, providing good airborne body The visual direction. The overall material and design standards are higher than similar products, and the entire rack-mounted stand only weighs 1.65KG. Designed for anti-pressure load of 5 kg, specifically designed to meet the 5DII, RED EPIC, C300, FS100, FS700 and large video equipment developed by the professional aerial vehicle.

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<제 원>

– Pipe diameter: 25MM
– Shaft spacing: 1160MM
– Frame diameter: 1250MM
– Total height: 400CM
– Center cover specification: 250×240 MM
– Suitable for: 15-16 inch multi-axis positive and negative paddle
– Motor mounting hole distance: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installation
– Weight: 2.05KG (including packing box)



아래 리스트는 조립 완성에 필요한 추가 옵션입니다.

– 조종기 : 8ch이상 조종기(2.4Ghz 권장)/Camera Gimbal 장착시 7ch 이상 조종기

– 수신기 : 8ch 이상 수신기(2.4Ghz 권장)/Camera Gimbal 장착시 7ch 이상 수신기

– 충전기 : Li-Poly 충전 가능한 다목적 충전기

– 레귤레이터 : Gryphon Polaris Super BEC(Gimbal 장착시 필요)

– 배터리 사양 : 5,200mAh ~10,000mAh 6S1P(22.2V)

– Prop : 15~17inch(Max)

– Motor : S5010 Motor, TAROT4114-11, XM5010TE-9MR(15inch Folding Prop 사용!)

– ESC : 30A~44A(Support 6S Setup)

– Flight Controller : TAROT ZYX-M, TopXGun T1, Pixhawk, DJI,…e.t.c.


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